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Gummy Smiles

In conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, or as a standalone procedure, Dr Mark Hughes’ gum contouring is a subtle but definitive improvement to any smile.

For patients with receding and elongated gums, asymmetrical contours and ‘gummy smiles,’ the procedure can bring about a significant boost to confidence and self-esteem.

Here, as with other cosmetic procedures, Mark puts to work decades of experience uniting advanced dental, periodontal and facial anatomical concepts to create outstanding results.

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gummy smiles

Re-Shape, Re-Contour, Re-Seal

Gum contouring – often referred to as the gum lift – is aquick and relatively painless procedure in which the gumsare re-shaped to improve smile aesthetics.

The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic. Dr Hughes uses an ultra-accurate laser to target and gently recontour the gums to bring them in closer harmony with the rest of the smile.

Dr Hughes’ laser treatment represents a leap in quality and patient experience from conventional surgical contouring. The medical-grade laser causes little discomfort or bleeding, with far shorter recovery time and significantly reduced risk of infection.


A typical procedure lasts from just 20 minutes to an hour.

gummy smiles

Invisalign, Bonding, Gum Lift and Whitening


A combination of issues made Jessical feel self-conscious about her smile. She felt her teeth were too small and showed too much gum when she smiled. Jessica also had a darkened front tooth.

I adopted a multi-pronged approach, first closing the gap with Invisalign before bonding to improve the shape of Jessica’s teeth. I then whitened Jessica’s darkened front tooth using internal whitening.

I’m always pleased to receive comments from patients letting me know how treatment has improved their quality of life. Jessica’s thankyou letter was particularly pleasing. “I haven’t stopped smiling since, especially in my wedding photos. It’s honestly been worth every penny and much more. You most definitely have a customer for life. Thank you!!!”

Living with Gummy Smiles?

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