There are so many reasons why Invisalign® are hands-down the world’s most popular orthodontic aligner.

Patients love the idea of achieving smile perfection without having to rely on the conspicuous metal brackets and wires seen on permanent braces.

Instead, Invisalign® uses a series of clear aligners produced in clear plastic. Their translucent properties make Invisalign® almost impossible to see in situ.

And the ability to remove Invisalign® whenever necessary makes the aligners much better suited to today’s busy, image-conscious lifestyles.

What really counts, however, is results. And here, too, Invisalign is a clear winner. The versatile aligner achieves perfect straightening results on crowding, spacing, misalignment, malocclusion and more.

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Meet a Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider

If you are considering Invisalign® as a standalone treatment, or as part of a fuller smile makeover, why not turn to a Platinum Provider.

Dr Mark Hughes holds coveted Platinum Elite Provider status – an accreditation awarded by Invisalign® to the top percentile of dental professionals who consistently demonstrate outstanding results.

Platinum Elite status is the one in a long line of impressive Invisalign® credentials which place Mark among the top Invisalign providers. He is a key opinion leader for the brand and a prominent lecturer and trainer on advanced techniques.

What to Expect

Revolutionary Alignment


Mark begins with an advanced consultation to assess orthodontic issues and ensure Invisalign is the most suitable treatment.

He uses the latest in 3D and digital imaging techniques to generate a ‘smile preview’ showing each patient the transformative potential of Invisalign® treatment.

During treatment, you’ll wear a discrete, unobtrusive aligner which uses gently straightening forces to bring teeth to their planned position. You’ll receive replacement aligners every 4-6 weeks – each of which brings your smile a step closer to perfection.

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Natalie’s Invisalign Journey

Commercial model Natalie felt crossed front teeth were beginning to affect her work prospects.
Follow Natalie’s journey with Dr Mark Hughes and Invisalign.


Discrete, removable, convenient – Mark explains why Invisalign was the perfect choice for treating Natalie’s overcrowding.


Natalie talks about her experience with Invisalign.


Just nine months later and the results are in. Here’s how it went for Natalie.

Invisalign case study

Model Patient


Commercial model Natalie felt her crooked and stained teeth were getting in the way of work. Discrete treatment was a must, so Dr Mark Hughes treated Natalie with Invisalign clear aligners before whitening. Natalie loved the subtle results – and the extra assignments!


The Difference is Clear for Nancy


Nancy didn’t like the crooked shape of her teeth and wanted a discreet straightening treatment. Dr Mark Hughes used Invisalign’s removable clear aligner to achieve amazing results. The treatment was finished off with a whitening session to complete Nancy’s new look.


Invisalign Explained

You’ve heard the buzz about Invisalign, but how does it work?
Watch the video to find out.

Discrete, Convenient, Versatile

Mark explains how Invisalign aligners can be effective in correcting issues like overbite.

Let’s Align

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