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If you are displeased with the appearance of your smile, or simply wish to improve the form and function of your teeth, award-winning cosmetic dentist Mark Hughes, DDS provides state-of-the-art smile enhancement that is personalized to comprehensively fulfill your individual needs. In optimising the aesthetic appearance of your smile, Dr Hughes believes that treatment should consider your unique facial proportions and supplement your overall oral health. In his commitment to extend advanced levels of care to patients, your smile transformation plan will even include a digital rendering of the potential cosmetic result before the start of any treatment! In this way, Dr Hughes can expertly design your smile to meet your aesthetic goals, whilst allowing room for any changes, improvements, and refinements. Dr Hughes keeps you informed and involved through every step of the smile transformation process to ensure that the aesthetic result achieved is your dream smile.


The first step of your smile makeover is an initial consultation, wherein Dr Hughes can glean insight into your cosmetic smile goals. He understands that some patients considering cosmetic or restorative dental treatment may have no idea where to begin, or which procedures would be of the most benefit. Therefore, he is pleased to offer a complimentary e-consultation from the comfort of your own home in order to gain a cursory understanding of your cosmetic concerns and provide you with applicable treatment options.

Smile and Beauty Evaluations

Once Dr Hughes has an idea of your aesthetic goals, he will personally evaluate the appearance of your teeth and gums, both at rest and whilst smiling, in relation to the rest of your facial features. The teeth alone do not comprise a beautiful smile; true smile enhancement must also account for the unique proportions of the lips, cheeks, and eyes. With this understanding, Dr Hughes can begin to develop the “blueprints” to build your smile.

Digital Smile Design

The digital representation of your smile transformation plan will then be created with your entire facial profile in mind. To achieve this, you will provide a photograph of your smile, as well as a short video of yourself speaking to exhibit how your smile interacts with the rest of your face. The cutting-edge digital smile design software will then render a preview of what your smile could look like, and any necessary alterations to tooth shape, colour, etc. can be integrated before the start of treatment.

Temporaries and Veneer Refinement

After a smile enhancement plan that fulfills your cosmetic goals while working in harmony your facial characteristics is agreed upon, temporary veneers or restorations will be placed to achieve a comfortable fit and natural-looking appearance for the final result. Dr Hughes’ priority is making certain you love your aesthetic smile enhancement; therefore, this step provides the opportunity to make any final amendments before treatment begins.

Placing Your Veneers or Restorations

Your smile is now ready to be transformed. Whether your treatment plan includes porcelain veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, or another cosmetic procedure, Dr Hughes will commence the necessary treatment to achieve the desired result. With his extensive training in cosmetic dental refinement, he will utilise the techniques and dental materials most advantageous to your tooth appearance and oral health. Thanks to Dr Hughes’ inclusion of digital smile design in the process, you will already have a picture of the expected outcome. At the end of the smile transformation process, you can proudly showcase your newly rejuvenated smile for all to see!

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