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Smile Stories

Every smile tells a story.

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Model of Excellence

As a model, looking and feeling her best is important to Maryilyn. When she felt tooth wear and a deep bite were letting her smile down, she visited Mark following a friend’s recommendation.

But Maryilyn’s modelling work meant conspicuous braces would be out of the question.

Watch the video to find out how Mark corrected Maryilyn’s smile, achieving subtle yet outstanding results with Invisalign, the discrete removable aligner.

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Smiling Again

Karen’s buck teeth were the source of cruel nicknames and teasing during school years, leading to a lifetime of hiding her smile from the world.

But everything changed at a consultation with Dr Mark Hughes.

In this video, Karen explains why she thinks Mark has rightfully earned his position among the top dentists.

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Wedding Smiles

With a big wedding day on the horizon, James wanted to look his best. But he was worried about making the wrong choice and ending up stuck with a smile he hated.

Luckily, fiance Laura works in the dental industry and knew just who to turn to.

Here, James talks us through his cosmetic treatment and his fiance Laura explains why she recommended Mark.

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Natalie’s Invisalign Journey

As a commercial model, Natalie was concerned that crossed front teeth were affecting her job prospects. Follow Natalie’s journey from initial consultation to smile perfection with Dr Mark Hughes and Invisalign.


Mark explains why discrete, removable Invisalign is perfect for correcting Natalie’s crowded front teeth.

Aligner Life

Natalie explains why Invisalign treatment by Dr Mark Hughes’ Invisalign treatment proved to be the perfect choice.

Final Result

It’s nine months later and treatment is at an end. Take a look at the amazing results and find out how treatment went for Natalie.

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Porcelain Veneers, Invisalign, Home Whitening

Angela felt that her smile was looking very tired and made her look older. She had some old crowns and composite veneers that had begun to stain and chip. She also had a deep bite and crooked incisors.

I first aligned her teeth and corrected her bite with Invisalign over six months. This ensured that she would get the very best aesthetic results and that her porcelain restorations would last as long as possible.

After finishing Angela’s alignment, I whitened her lower front teeth then placed a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns to rebuild her bite and create a dazzling new smile.

The results take ten years off Angela’s smile.

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Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Ceri wanted to look younger and fresher for her son’s upcoming wedding. She had always felt that her front teeth looked “goofy” and had been teased about it in her youth.

Ceri had old and discoloured crowns, and her natural teeth had yellowed over the years.

After some home teeth whitening, I placed a combination of porcelain crowns and veneers on ten upper teeth. They were planned using digital smile design techniques to make sure that her teeth look straighter without having to have orthodontic treatment.

Ceri looked fantastic – and much younger than her years on her son’s special day!

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Porcelain Veneers

Kristina had worn her teeth down very rapidly for someone so young. She had a grinding habit and had caused significant damage to her tooth enamel. On one side, she had worn down 30% of her tooth size, and she was still under 30 years old!

I used orthodontic correction to improve Kristina’s bite and reduce the heavy grinding forces.

Afterwards, I placed ten natural-looking porcelain veneers to create a beautiful and dramatic, yet natural-looking transformation Kristina was delighted that I gave her back her 20-year-old smile!

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Home Whitening, Porcelain Veneers & Composite Bonding

James had always looked after his teeth, but extensive gaps were affecting his confidence. He complained that his teeth looked like he had baby teeth. As his career was developing, he wanted to feel more confident in business circles.

As James’ teeth were unfilled and in excellent condition, I felt it was crucial to adopt a minimally invasive approach to preserve their health.

I designed his smile with my master ceramist in wax prototypes and tested it in advance using the smile “test drive” technique. After some home tooth whitening, I placed four minimal-preparation porcelain veneers followed by composite bonding on six lower teeth.

James now feels like he has a confident and mature smile that befits his rise in the business world.

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Porcelain Veneers, Home Whitening

Laura wanted a dazzling white smile. She also wanted her teeth to look natural and real. Laura had a slightly reverse smile curve on one side, so it was important to carefully design her treatment to ensure she could still chew comfortably.

I placed ten porcelain veneers for an eye-catching result, and Laura loved the look and impact of her new smile!

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Porcelain Veneers, Crowns and Implant Crowns

Sardor’s destructive grinding habit had worn away over 40% of the tooth enamel on one side of his mouth. He was still young, but his smile made him look 20 years older.

Sardor wanted to replace some lost teeth and preserve those remaining.

I added back the tooth structure lost to years of grinding, opening up and rebuilding Sardor’s bite in the process. We achieved this using 26 minimal-preparation veneers and two implants to replace the missing teeth.

Sardor’s results were natural-looking, masculine and extremely aesthetically pleasing. He loved his new smile and was extremely happy that I’d been able to save his natural teeth in the process.

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Multiple Crowns, Veneers and Implants

Kim was concerned that discoloured teeth were making him appear old beyond his years. He was also self-conscious about his crooked smile.

I carried out a full smile makeover consisting of multiple crowns, veneers and implants and Kim was thrilled with the results.

I was extremely gratified to receive a letter from Kim afterwards describing the work as ‘genius.’

Kim said: “I still quite can’t believe it. I love looking at my teeth every morning. You really are a miracle worker. The before and after pictures choked me up.”

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Bridge, Veneers and Whitening

Jantra’s front teeth were very dark and the surrounding teeth discoloured. In addition to discolouration, Jandra’s teeth also displayed signs of significant wear.

The transformation you see here is thanks to an E-max invisible bridge and a veneer followed by Enlighten whitening.

Treatment time was around three months and Jantra was extremely happy with her new look.

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Invisalign, Bonding, Gum Lift and Whitening

A combination of issues made Jessical feel self-conscious about her smile. She felt her teeth were too small and showed too much gum when she smiled. Jessica also had a darkened front tooth.

I adopted a multi-pronged approach, first closing the gap with Invisalign before bonding to improve the shape of Jessica’s teeth. I then whitened Jessica’s darkened front tooth using internal whitening.

I’m always pleased to receive comments from patients letting me know how treatment has improved their quality of life. Jessica’s thankyou letter was particularly pleasing. “I haven’t stopped smiling since, especially in my wedding photos. It’s honestly been worth every penny and much more. You most definitely have a customer for life. Thank you!!!”

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Porcelain Veneers, Invisalign, Home Whitening

Nigora wanted to improve her smile in time for an upcoming photoshoot, with only a month to go until the date.

I used direct composite bonding and was able to achieve the transformation you see here in just one visit.

Nigora was absolutely delighted with her new smile, which was completed in plenty of time to spare.

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Lingual Braces and Composite Bonding

Gabrielle complained her smile had been the source of years of unhappiness.

Several techniques combined to produce the makeover. First, I used lingual braces to improve alignment and address some bite issues that could have caused further problems in the future if not taken care of.

I then improved Gabrielle’s gum line with a mini gum lift and made further aesthetic improvements with crowns and veneers. Whitening was the finishing touch.

Gabrielle said the smile makeover gave her a renewed feeling of confidence.

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Home Whitening, Composite Bonding

Larissa came to see me because she disliked the gaps between her teeth. She felt that straightening them would make things look much better. Larissa had what we term ‘peg’ lateral incisors – her side incisors were a lot smaller and narrower than usual. She also had some deformity on her front teeth.

Due to her young age, it was important to try to be as conservative as possible. I wanted to preserve Larissa’s teeth, so my treatment plan involved placing directly applied composite bonding. This successfully reshaped Larissa’s teeth to the correct proportions, closing her gaps at the same time.

So she got a fantastic smile makeover with much less dentistry needed, far quicker than anticipated and at half the cost too. She was delighted.

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Braces, Enlighten Whitening, Full Gum Lift, Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Jacqueline hated her smile. She was very embarrassed about how her teeth protruded and made her look “gummy”. After years of hiding her smile, Jacqueline decided it was time to invest in herself.

Jacqueline’s was a very complex case. She would have benefitted from orthodontic treatment (braces) as a child but did not receive any. She had also lost several teeth, and those remaining were extensively filled with very old metal fillings.

I first ensured Jacqueline’s mouth was healthy and stabilised before placing the braces that she didn’t receive as a child. This allowed me to correct her bite and prevent her upper teeth from protruding and giving her smile the gummy appearance she disliked so much.

After this was completed, Jacqueline had a full gum lift to correct the gummy smile further, before I placed a combination of 12 porcelain veneers and crowns.

Her gummy smile gone and her lips and teeth now in beautiful proportion, Jacqueline could smile with confidence for the first time. She was thrilled with how it all turned out and very happy with her investment!


The Difference is Clear for Nancy


Nancy didn’t like the crooked, twisted shape of her front teeth and wanted a discreet straightening treatment.

Nancy wanted to achieve a natural look and was keen for the treatment to be minimally invasive, without the use of a drill.

I achieved a broader, straighter smile in just ten months with Invisalign and followed the treatment with a two-week course of Enlighten whitening.

The results speak for themselves. And Nancy now has the smile she’s always dreamed of.

Invisalign case study

Model Patient


Commercial model Natalie felt her crooked and stained teeth were getting in the way of work.

Discrete treatment was a must, so I treated Natalie with Invisalign clear aligners, completing the process with whitening.

Natalie’s work demands flawless aesthetics, so meticulous planning to get the best results was my top priority – but that’s always the case, regardless of my patient’s profession.

It’s clear from Natalie’s smile that she loved the subtle results – and the extra assignments!

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