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Kim testimonial
To Dr. Mark Hughes, Sarah, Debbie and Charlene From the moment I first telephoned with an emergency, your team offered unparalleled service to me: consummate professionalism, genuine courtesy and friendly attention. I was always greeted with warm gestures and welcoming smiles. It was an absolute treat to visit the office and its peaceful oasis in the center of London. Most importantly I feel blessed to have found Dr. Mark Hughes. His gentle nature is a complement to his true artistry and aesthetic sensibility. Combined with the scientific precision of cosmetic and technical dentistry, Dr. Hughes is one of the world’s best. He performed a miraculous smile makeover on me. I will smile in gratitude for the rest of my life. Love to all, Kim
Andrea testimonial
Every time I laugh and smile I say a little thank you to all of you. In addition I would like to say how incredibly professional and slick (and painless!!) the whole process was - an experience I will look back on with fondness believe it or not! Andrea
Anju testimonial
Mark, Sarah & All at Harley St, I just want to thank you all so much. I love my new smile, it has taken a while to get there but it was worth the time. I can’t stop smiling. Also want to say how great everyone is, always made me feel welcome. This was worth every penny - no regrets whatsoever. THANK YOU Anju
Caitlin testimonial
Dear Mark & everyone at Harley St. Dental, THANK YOU so much for your fantastic work!! I absolutely love my new smile and I have received so many compliments. You’ve made a huge difference to my life and it’s the best money i’ve ever spent! Thank you all again and i’ll see you soon!! Love, Caitlin
Dan testimonial
To all at the Studio, Thanks for making a down in the As good as it could be! Dan
Helen testimonial
Thank you so much for a magical smile, I am told by all I look amazingly healthy! The best possible compliment. Thank you so much for all your patience, it is now just perfect. Helen
Kelsey testimonial
What can I say. Briteny’s got nothing on my new white smile! Thank you guys so so much. Wishing you all the best for the future. Lots of love, Kelsey
N.Taylor testimonial
Dear Mark, Thank you for everything! N. Taylor
Nikki testimonial
Dear Adam, Charlene, and everyone at the Dental Studio, Thank you so much for making my experience such a pleasant one. I usually have a phobia about seeing the dentist, but you made me feel very calm and relaxed about the whole thing “(maybe the sedation played a small part)” ha ha! I will definitely be recommending you to all my family and friends and hope to see you all again soon! Love, Nikki
Sara testimonial
Dr. Mark & Charlene, Thank you so much for everything!! I appreciate your patience and understanding… You gave me the best smile that i’ve ever hoped for… Still smiling and will always have confidence in my smile… You are the BEST!! Love to all, Sara
Tess testimonial
My big day! I’m so excited! The fit of my most gorgeous veneers by the very, most amazing dentist in the world, Dr. Mark Hughes (Mr. perfectionist himself) and kind, sweet and gentle! I’m thrilled to bits, this is going to change my confidence big time! Tess Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the lovely staff.