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The confidence that comes from having a stunning, healthy smile is incomparable. While there are many factors that can prevent a fully-functioning and aesthetically optimal tooth form, both cosmetic and restorative dentistry have provided revelatory ways to repair existing tooth damage and give patients their dream smile. From his years as the founder and lead clinician of Harley Street Dental Studio, Dr Mark Hughes has distinguished expertise in performing the most advanced cosmetic dental solutions, as well as complex procedures to rehabilitate severely damaged or missing teeth. Through careful assessment of your unique facial proportions and treatment goals, he can help you achieve the immaculate smile you deserve.

About Cosmetic Dentistry

Thriving on a steadfast commitment to patient safety and responsible treatment protocols, cosmetic dentistry aims to help you achieve aesthetic excellence in your smile with innovative techniques designed with your overall health and well-being in mind.

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The Smile Transformation Process

To ensure the outcome of your dental treatment aligns with your aesthetic ideal, your smile transformation will take place in multiple phases. After listening to your concerns regarding the function and beauty of your teeth, Dr Hughes will use his well-trained aesthetic eye to select the best treatments for you and design your new smile. With cutting-edge digital smile design software, you will even be able to see a visualisation of the potential cosmetic outcome before starting any treatment. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, you are involved through every step of the process.

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Porcelain Veneers

Offering the highest caliber of enduring beauty in dentistry, porcelain veneers can bring new life to your smile. If you wish to address common aesthetic imperfections such as tooth wear, cracks, gaps, chips, and even some cases of mild misalignment, porcelain veneers may be an excellent solution for you. Each veneer is specially optimised for the unique aspects of your smile, including your tooth shape and size, smile symmetry, and gum levels. For countless patients everywhere, this minimally invasive treatment has been a simple way to achieve lasting perfection in their tooth form.

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Cosmetic or Invisible Braces

The foundation of a beautiful smile is built on a healthy and well-aligned jaw structure. With the advent of more effective cosmetic dentistry techniques, outstanding results in teeth straightening can now be achieved more comfortably and discreetly than ever. Dr Hughes offers a number of sophisticated orthodontic systems, including Invisalign®, that can guide teeth into the proper positioning without obstructing your smile with traditional metal braces.

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Teeth Whitening

Whether as a stand-alone treatment or as the perfect finish to a smile transformation, teeth whitening can be a simple and powerful way to undo years of tooth staining and discolouration. With in-office and at-home options to suit your personal convenience and lifestyle, professional-grade teeth whitening has the ability to lighten your tooth enamel by up to ten shades with a low-concentration bleaching agent that can be customized for your unique sensitivity levels.

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Cosmetic Bonding

Are you seeking a conservative solution to minor aesthetic dental flaws? For patients requiring small aesthetic fixes, cosmetic bonding is designed to restore the proportions of a full, healthy, and younger-looking tooth shape by addressing minor cracks, fissures, and discolouration in the enamel. This natural-looking enhancement can be achieved with a simple procedure that preserves most, if not all, of the natural tooth structure.

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Complex Restorative Dentistry

The state of your oral health has widespread influence on your quality of life and general well-being. In addition to providing optimal aesthetic improvement, Dr Hughes’ passion lies in performing restorative dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation for patients whose health and prosperity have been inhibited by severe damage or deterioration within their oral structures. Whether you require minor or extensive tooth restoration, Dr Hughes is committed to helping you achieve the smile you never thought possible and approaches each patient with compassion and understanding.

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Dental Implants

Implant dentistry can be utilized for everything from a single tooth replacement to restoration of an entire dental arch. If you have missing or severely damaged teeth that are impairing your biting function, limiting your dietary choices, or compromising your appearance, dental implants can be a dynamic way to restore your oral wellness, as well as your smile aesthetic.

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